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    Lorals are the world's first single-use latex undies designed for oral sex, rimming, and more. They’re stretchy and ultra-thin to allow for maximum sensation (and finger penetration), and they prevent skin-to-skin contact and fluid transfer while maximizing pleasure, comfort, and fun. We're also also pursuing FDA clearance of our products as STI-prevention devices: hands-free and beautiful alternatives to dental dams. 


    • 10% base commission on net sales
    • 30-day cookie
    • Newsletters with updates on promotions, contests, and sales opportunities
    • Help your friends and followers expand their options when it comes to oral sex and rimming :)

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    If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us at [email protected]

    Please note, commission will not be given for any code, offer, or promotion that is not available and listed as active in this network. Advertiser reserves the right to reconcile or adjust the value on any transaction that is attributed to another marketing channel.

    By clicking "Apply" you indicate agreement to the following terms & conditions. 

    Lorals Affiliate Agreement

    To be an authorized affiliate member of Lorals, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions contained in this agreement. Please read below carefully before registering. By clicking on the "Apply" link, you indicate your acceptance of this agreement and its terms and conditions. We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time, without prior notice. Registered affiliates will be notified of any changes by email.

    1. Applying for our Program

    To enroll in the affiliate program, you must first submit an affiliate application via our website Your application will be reviewed by us and you will be notified via the email you provide of your application status (approved, rejected, or pending more information). 

    You must be at least eighteen (18) years of age.

    Lorals reserves the right to decline or remove enrollment from the affiliate program at the discretion of the company. By signing up as an affiliate with Lorals you agree to uphold our brand values:

    Inclusivity: We see oral sex as a beautiful way to connect—with whomever and however our customers choose. Whether they’re comfortable having oral sex skin-to-skin or prefer adding a layer like Lorals, we don’t judge. Pleasure, in our minds, doesn’t discriminate against age, gender, sexual orientation, political party, religion, or anything else.

    Positivity: We’re committed to creating products that help our customers feel damn good above all else. Oral sex is proven to decrease stress, increase self-esteem, and flood the body with happy hormones. Bottom line, the world would be a better place if everyone made pleasure a priority.

    Quality: Our team of female designers dedicated three years to creating the perfect latex panty for oral pleasure. Over 20 rounds of prototyping led us to precisely the right stretch, thickness, texture, and scent. We source premium-quality vegan latex that’s thoroughly safety tested and free of harmful chemicals.

    Honesty: We will always be transparent because we want our customers and their partners to be transparent with each other. We believe the best sex happens and the best brands are built through open communication.

    You also agree to not condone hate speech and to not promote any illegal activity of any kind. Your application will be rejected if it is incomplete and/or if your website promotes any of the following: violence; discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or age; hate speech, and illegal activities. 

    You agree to notify Lorals by email at [email protected] of any known or suspected unauthorized uses of your account, or any known or suspected breach of security, including loss, theft or unauthorized disclosure of your email and password. You shall be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your email and password and for all usage and activity on your account. Any fraudulent, abusive or otherwise illegal activity may be grounds for termination by Lorals and referral to the appropriate law enforcement agencies.

    2. Service

    All content on is copyrighted. You are allowed to use the content under the following Creative Commons Licenses:

    Attribution. You may distribute, display, and perform Lorals copyrighted work and derivative works based upon it, with appropriate credit given to

    Noncommercial. You may distribute, display, and perform Lorals work and derivative work based upon it, but only for non-commercial purposes (except the Lorals affiliate program).

    3. Affiliate Commissions

    As you send traffic to our website via your affiliate link, you will receive credit for each completed purchase. Your progress for each category of referral will be reflected in real-time on your affiliate dashboard. 

    Each link provided by Lorals has an Affiliate ID attached. We won't be able to track your sales and traffic without you posting the full URL, so please be sure to use your affiliate link. Our social sharing shortcuts have your affiliate link embedded in their posts.

    When a prospect visits our site from your affiliate link or uses your discount code, we will be able to register their purchase (if/when they make one), and credit the sale to you. Affiliates cannot make commissions by self-dealing (using your own affiliate link to purchase a product for yourself). 

    As your referrals generate sales, you will earn affiliate commissions. Our current affiliate commission structure is below. We reserve the right to change this structure at any time and will notify you in writing of any changes. 

    You will earn a 10% commission on all sales.

    Your link cookies are tracked for 30 days. Commission payments are issued once a month, 30 days after the sale. Payments will be made via PayPal so please make sure you are able to receive PayPal payments. It is your responsibility to keep you PayPal email address up-to-date in your affiliate account. 

    3. Restrictions

    Search Engine Marketing. We already run search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns on Google; therefore, we ask our affiliates not to run SEM campaigns for our products and services on Google. 

    To clarify the availability of campaigns on secondary search engines, please contact our affiliate manager at [email protected]

    Below are prohibited uses:

    Affiliates may not use any of Lorals' branding (including logos, or other branding imagery), other than the items provided to you on your affiliate dashboard.

    Affiliates must only use the link and code provided directly to them by Lorals.

    Affiliates may not publish their link on coupon code websites. Lorals will not pay affiliates for traffic generated from coupon code websites. 

    4. Disclosures

    The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has endorsement rules in place for affiliate marketing. In short, they want you to disclose that you have a business relationship with us when you promote and post your link. You can read the full FTC rules about affiliate marketing here:

    When posting or sharing your link, please make it known to your readers and followers that you will receive compensation if they buy a product via your link. This declaration should be clear and conspicuous (and reiterated as needed). 

    5. Terminations

    We can end this relationship at anytime, and so can you. All outstanding commission balances will be paid within 30 days of termination. If your affiliate account has been inactive (no traffic via your links and/or no purchases) for 90 days your account may be terminated. You are welcome to reapply at anytime, however. This affiliate agreement has been designed to ensure the highest quality relationship to be mutually beneficial to our business and audiences. Hopefully we have demonstrated our obligations for you to become a highly prosperous affiliate!